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Cognitive Behavioural, Psychotehrapy and Counselling

Using an integrative approach, we may need to explore your thinking styles and/or how your behaviours (lifestyle factors ranging from work/life balance to exercise to how you relate to others) in order to foster healthier conditions for you to thrive in.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

A truly Integrative Approach

I am a psychologist trained in CBT and integrative psychotherapy with an interest in Creative approaches to wellbeing, mindfulness, EMDR and Schema Therapy.  My interventions aim to help you look at your life in a more integrative way to assist you in discovering your path to emotional health.

Family Walking

Psychological Evaluations - Intercountry Adoption

For parents wishing to adopt, it is becoming increasingly common to undergo psychological evaluations.  Unlike comprehensive psychological assessments, pre-adoption evaluations are not extensive in nature and mainly comprise of interviews with the parents together and independently.  The report must be completed by a UK registered psychologist.  

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