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About me


Counselling Psychologist, Health Care and Professions Council

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

Previous employment includes:

The Priory Hospital, Richmond and Twickenham NHS Primary Care, the University of East London and West London Centre for Counselling.  I offer individual therapy for adults, psychological evaluations for international adoption.

Being heard and truly listened to has a powerful impact on a person. Research shows that continuous experiences of being acknowledged and validated in relationship provide unique opportunities for change, growth and clarity

First and foremost, my aim as a psychological therapist entails the provision of a safe confidential place where you will feel able to share your concerns and talk about what is troubling you. Then, in order to devise an appropriate treatment plan and assess the possible length of treatment, it is important to establish some type of therapeutic contract and achievable goals or aims for our work together. This is always done in collaboration with you, the client.

My therapeutic stance is Integrative which means that I work across different therapeutic modalities depending on the issues brought to therapy and the length of the contract agreed. My training in Counselling Psychology embraces scientific and humanistic psychological perspectives in working with emotional distress. Then, depending on the presenting problem, various therapeutic approaches may be integrated.

While a Person or Client-Centred approach always provides a base for treatments at PVTherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, EMDR, Mindfulness and Compassion-focused interventions can be integrated to address the role of dysfunctional thought or behavioural patterns or schemas on emotional life, effect behavioural change and eventually encourage you to become your own therapist, if you so wish. A more exploratory, non-directive type of therapeutic intervention may be appropriate for specific problems. We can discuss and evaluate the therapeutic approach as treatment progresses.

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